At Versatile we take long-life learning and progress very seriously. Certification is an important part of our Learning Mantra.

We have managed many cross-domain and complex projects using agile methods and frameworks. Altough SCRUM and Kanban have been pivotal to our success, not everyone had taken the time to certify the skills gained during this time.

Giovanni, our founder, choose to do so by attending the course of "SCRUM Master I" given by Peter Gfader @ Beyond Agiilty. He warmly recommends Peter to everyone interested to learn SCRUM formally. Furthermore, he says:

"Personaly, I choosed Professional SCRUM Master because I believe that the servant-learder role is the most beneficial to our customers, let alone my carreer!"

Felicitations to Giovanni who is only one step away to inspire our clients to execute Agile Product Development efficiently!

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