Giovanni Binda


"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein.

Passionate Data Science Engineer, Digitalization Consultant and IT Solutions Architect with a goal-oriented attitude.

I focus on solving problems through the application of Data Science (ML, Big Data) developing cutting edge technologies and discovering new ways to make life better for people.

I lead complex, multi-disciplinary engineering projects using my expertise of data engineering and passion for technology to accomplish goals within broad outlines provided by top management.

My career path took me as much in the industry as in the academy where I built a strong experience of Research & Development engineering and management with a practical approach to product innovation..

I possess in-depth expertise in the areas of Cloud Infrastructure & Data Science Services (HPC, Openshift, Kubernetes), Data Engineering (EIM, MDM), Data Mining (BigData, OLAP, BI), Decision Support & Expert Systems (AI, ML).

My domain knowledge of Real Estate & Facility Management (AEC/FM), Operation Management (Logistics), Process Manufacturing (Watch & Pharma Industry) and Life Sciences (Bioinformatics) allows me to confidently advocate enterprise strategies, solutions design, software and architecture.

My practitioner knowledge of methodologies and best practices like SaFE, Kanban, SCRUM, SDLC, Hermes, RUP, RE, TOGAF, ITIL round out my profile.

Core Competencies
Engineering Management Software Development Operations Management
Budget Development Business Requirements Product Strategy
Conduct Code & Arch. Review Developing Prototypes & Hands-on Code Iterative Project Management & Assessment
Staffing or Recruiting Business Negotiation Conflict Management
People Management Process Improvement Performance Management
Manage System, Business & User Requirements Elicit and Unify Standards & Best-Practices Manage System Release Processes (CI, CD)


Research & Development

Information and Communication Technologies Development; Software Programming, Information Security & Privacy, Blockchains, Cryptography & Enterprise Security, Electronic Health Records. Knowledge Recognition, Knowledge Management, Predictive Analytics and Industry 4.0. Distributed systems, Parallel and High-Performance Computing; Stochastic and deterministic simulation systems. Computational Science, Machine Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Context Aware Systems, Machine Learning Systems. Hollistic Building Management Systems, AEC&FM Digitalization, Express/IFC/BIM, Real Estate and Facility Management, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Additive Manufacturing Technologies (3D-Scanning, -Printing), ITIL and IaaS/PaaS/SaaS.

Platforms & Tools

Programming: C/C++, Java, Javascript, C#;System Platforms: Posix Linux, Win32 Windows, Java J2SE & J2EE, Smalltalk Squeak, Dotnet; Science IT: OpenCL, CUDA Programming and HPC methods and tools; Virtualization: KVM, VMware ESXi and Xen; Container Technologies: Docker and RKT; Cloud Systems: SaaS, PaaS & IaaS platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Openstack, Kubernetes); Security & Access Control: Blockchains, HIPA, IdsaS, SSO, SSL, PGP, LDAP, Active Directory; Database Technologies: MS SQL, SQLWindows, MS Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, ODB, NoSQL, IBM Adabas; Web Platforms: Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, Enterprise Portal (Oracle Liferay); Document Management and Archival Systems: Alfresco, MS Sharepoint, Software Defined Storage; Web Protocols: Web 2.0 Platform Technologies, Semantic Web (Web 3.0); Design Methodology & Tools: UML, Rumbaugh OMT, SSADM, Lean Product Development, Design Thinking, 4P, Kanban, SCRUM, SDLC, Hermes, RUP, RE, TOGAF, ITIL, CMMI & SQA

University and Professional Teaching

Experience in direct and distance learning. Preparation of programmes of study, course contents and teaching materials. Supervision and coordination of students. Fields: Project Management, Agile Software Development, CAFM, CAD, Financial Statistics, Requirements Engineering, IT Service Management Practices, UML and BIM Modeling. Professional Teaching of C/C++ for Real-time Control Systems.

Industrial Distributed Control Systems & Networking

Real-time Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Applications, Edge Computing, Industrial IOT, and Time Sensitive Network (TSN), Automation & Manufacturing Systems, VPN, LLDP, MPLS, Routing Protocols, High Avalibility architectures and technologires, Software Defined Networking (Openflow,Cumulus Linux).


"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein.



Versatile Gmbh

Data Science Architect and Digitalization Consultant, President

Versatile Gmbh The missing link between your Data Scientist and Data Engineer. I Identify new market opportunities, add value, and solve meaningful real-world problems. I analyze companies needs and develop strategy to generate value from data. At Versatile, we are committed to respect political and budget constraints, leverage partnerships, integrate with existing programs and continually monitor and evaluate effectiveness.

Our work philosophy is best resumed by our Versatile Mantra:

  • Gemba, we identify a problem or a need by engaging with stakeholders, going in the field where all is happening, actively discussing and asking questions in our client''s context.
  • Kaizen, we engage in applied research, by using systematic problem-solving methods to design solutions that match the definition of the problem or need.
  • Heijunka, we prepare for rollout and build systems using continuous improvement and fluid approach to product or feature development.
  • Jidoka, we implement to scale using robust continuous integration process for solution validation and reliability engineering using intelligent automation.

Carlo Vanoli AG Thawil, Gleisbau

Senior ICT Engineer & Data Science Architect

Carlo Vanoli AG Thalwil I lead the Machine And Business Intelligence Competence-Center (MBICC, /ɛm bɪʧ/) to build a Preventive Maintenance and Malfunction Detection Service to monitor and predict machine condition in harsh environment.

  • Design a deep learning application for automatic fault detection to deploy in Edge Cloud Computing Systems within Time Sensitive Network (TSN) for the Railway and Automotive Industry.
  • Realization of a Deep Learning Platform (Flume/Kafka/Hive/Spark) using Manycore Processors.
  • Study of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM); Design Vibration monitoring systems using Neural classification system with Convolutional neural networks (CNN) for Decision-making and Analytics.
  • Develop the specifications of Hybrid/Edge Coud Computing Industrial IoT (IIOT) system (FPGA, RTOS, Linux) and communications (WAN, TSN and Ethernet/IP, LORA) adapted to harsh environments.
  • Study the electrification of Heavy Industries Rolling Stock vehicles, energy production/storage and their battery management systems.
  • Realization of an electrical laboratory for the development and measurement of embedded systems together with a workshop for the repair and maintenance including a test station for AC equipment.

ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management

Lead Architect & HPC Platform Manager

ZHAW I am responsible for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Center and lead the HPC Science Engineering Competence-Center of the ZHAW School of Life Sciences & FM.

  • Design, Build and Maintain the HPC Central Infrastructure comprising Facility, Security, Networks, Archives and Clusters.
  • Manage the service end-to-end availability and performance and directly responsible for uptime record.
  • Design, implement and deliver software to improve the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of parallel computation, storage and archiving services.
  • Lead SRE Engineers and Research-staff by the example.
  • Establish credibility with the quality of my own and team's technical execution.
  • Coach, mentor and advise Research Institutes, Scientific Personal and Post.-Doc. Students to model, integrate, process, distribute, store and archive their scientific data efficiently.

Selected achievements:

  • Optimization of scientific algorithms to compute efficiently on massively parallel processors array (NVIDIA Tesla) and distributed processing systems like BIG_DATA or DEEP-LEARNING clusters (Cloudera).
  • Migration and optimization of 3 legacy scientific clusters to modern HPC infrastructure using Software Defined Networking (SDN, CUMULUS LINUX), Parallel FS, Manycore Processors (SLURM, OpenCL, OpenMP, CUDA).
  • Deployment and maintenance of a large cloud infrastructure (Kubernetes, Openstack), with a mix of virtualization (VMWare ESXI, XEN) and containerized technologies (LXC, Docker, CRIO).

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences with special skills

Research Assistant in ICT Engineering

ZHAW I am undertaking the ICT-Driven AEC/FM Applied Research, and functions as CTO in ICT-driven AEC/FM Applied Research Projects.

  • Acquisition, management and implementation of application-oriented research projects with third-party funding.
  • Market and group-oriented marketing of research and project results in events and publications.
  • Development and implementation of courses at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as in further education, including supervision of project/Bachelor's and Master's theses.
  • Coaching of interdisciplinary teams and mentoring of Master and Postdoc students.
  • Teaching at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as in the continuing education
  • Manage Software & Project Quality Assurance (CMMI, SQA) in research and development projects.
  • Manage cross-functional research projects (SCRUM, BALANCED SCORECARDS)
  • Leading by example, developing protypes and contributing with hands-on code.
  • Contribute to research projects in the area of in APPLIED MATHEMATICS, NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, COMPUTER SIMULATION of physical systems Software-Programming & -Architecture concepts in SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING FOR LIFE SCIENCES & FM.
  • Contribute to research projects in the area of AEC/FM Building Holistic Management Services, Enterprise Computing, Distributed Computing & Cloud Computing for Life Sciences & FM.

Selected Achievements:

  • Successful CTO, ENGINEERING MANAGER. & SCIENTIST in 3 EU ICT Science Projects (EU-FP5, EU-AAL) and 3 Swiss National Science and Innovation Projects (KTI, FNSNF).
  • Advisor & Coach in: Mastering Agile Requirement Engineering (AGILE RE) for Businesses and Research.
  • University Lecturer in ENTERPRISE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (6 semesters), REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING (6 semesters), STATISTICS I AND II (4 semesters) for Facility Management Bachelor and Master Students.
  • Achieve research and academic excellence leading cross-disciplinary research projects using SCRUM-, CLASSICAL- AND HYBRID-FRAMEWORKS.
  • Integrate Legacy Services and private Hybrid-Cloud Platform with Native Cloud Platform Services (Azure, AWS, GCP, OPENSHIFT, OPENSTACK).
  • Planning & implementing Cloud Networking (SOFTWARE DEFINE NETWORK, CYBER-SECURITY).
  • Develop a highly secure (SSO, IDAAS) and privacy-aware (IRM, HEALTH RECORDS) Mental Health Portal Cloud (JAVA, LIFERAY, WEB 3.0, BIGDATA, MACHINE LEARNING) for EU-Wide stakeholders’ communities.
  • Initiated and executed the development of a modern collaboration system (OSS, ALFRESCO, BPM, WEB 2.0, WEB 3.0) and managed the security, IT Cloud, and facility resources needed to maintain a large cross-institute employee community network.
  • Co-development of a mobile KM platform (DOTNET, C#, JAVASCRIPT, EDA) using automatic contextualized information and Semantic Web (WEB3.0) mechanisms for AEC/FM companies.
  • Development of a data integration solution (RDF/RQL, EXPRESS) for context-dependent (WEB 3.0) mobile information systems (PDA) to provide a FEDERATED DBMS to connect existing databases (ERD/SQL) by means of a SUPPLY-CHAIN ARCHITECTURE (XML, UN/EDIFACT).
  • Successful Design, Implementation and Operationalization Data Processing Systems (APACHE BEAM, APACHE SPARK AND HADOOP ECOSYSTEM, APACHE KAFKA)

VISCOM Visual Communications AG

Senior Information and Communication Technology Engineer

I was responsible in the R&D group to programm industrial drivers and I helped in the development of the next generation of distributed and industrial process control systems. Implement Industrial Software & Hardware using HIL/SIL simulation (AMESIM, C, MODELICA); Microsoft certified COM+, OPC, RPC, DCOM developer for industrial applications; Expert in Industrial Networking (IP/ETHERNET, MODBUS-TCP, CANOPEN). As part of my consulting services, I taught real-time system programming and distributed computation to other professionals of large corporations like Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Hofmann-LaRoche, Rolex and Swatch Group, our clients.




Lead Electronic and Software Engineer

ROLEX S.A. As Electronic and Software Engineer I was responsible for the conception of system of measure and production.

I was involved in the development of real time automated vision systems, artificial intelligence and distributed computing systems. I design and develop Cyber Physical Systems for the entire Supply Chain and Quality Assurance of the watch movements production: ASIC/PLD for Artificial Vision and Digital PID Controllers; Machine Perception and Intelligence. I conceived digital and analog industrial control parts and developed advanced Mixed Reality and Human-Robot Interaction, 3D Vision Systems and Embedded Systems.

As Lead Engineer and Development Engineer, I managed multi-disciplinary teams and provided consultancy services to our suppliers and clients. I became a Skilled Practitioner in System Engineering, Critical thinking and Project Management.


Research and Development Scientist - (Group Leader, Senior Scientist, Technical & Security Expert in EU and Swiss Research Projects)

ICT Domain Expert for AEC/FM - (Contribute to Applied Research and ICT-driven Projects in the AEC/FM industry.)

Lead Software and Hardware Engineer - (I conceived digital and analog industrial control parts and developed advanced Mixed Reality and Human-Robot Interaction, 3D Vision Systems and Embedded Systems.)

HPC Expert - (Chief Technical Officer of the High-Performance Computing Center for the ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management.)

Critical Thinker - (Actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to reach an answer or conclusion)

University Teacher - (Teaching and coaching master & bachelor students in Financial Statistics, Requirements Engineering, IT Service Management practices)

Professional Teacher - (Embedded System Expert and Teacher of “Real-time and Embedded System Programming” for the automation industry)




Cross-functional Team Leadership & Distributed Team Management


Added Value

Electronic Engineering - (Designing electronic measuring systems)

Real-time Control Systems

Industrial Process Control

Real-time Data Acquisition

Big Data Analytics

Smalltalk, Forth - (Favourite Programming Languages)

PaaS - (Platform as a Software)

GxP - ( "good practice" quality guidelines and regulations)


French - (native-speaking)

Italian - (native-speaking)

English - (very good command in both spoken and written)

German - (good command in both spoken and written)

Spanish - (working knowledge)



TOGAF 9.2 Certified Professional

The Open Group, Digicomp Academy, Switzerland, Zurich

Professional SCRUM Master I

The Home of SCRUM, Digicomp Academy, Switzerland, Zurich

Master of Sciences

University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Geneva

Electrical Engineer, Dipl. Ing.-El. (FH)

University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Geneva


Projects & Achievements


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - Yoko Hono.

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