Mobile Knowledge Management Project   [ Mummy, European Research Project FP5 ]


  • 01.2001-10.2006

Mobile Knowledge Management Project


  • Sub-project Technical Leader
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Data Science Architect & Developer


The Mummy Project was initiated in 2001 to support mobile fleet of professionals using Automatic Contextualized Information and Semantic Web (Web3.0) mechanisms. I led the development of a custom federated database layer serving a large, heterogeneous and complex datasets like found in today Building Information Models (BIM).
The database layer adapts legacy database systems dynamically using distributed query system into a common model (EXPRESS/RDF) which were then used (T-RQL) by a reasoning module providing machine intelligence to stakeholders. The machine intelligence is provided by various deep learning algorithms processing and formatting the data. The presentation of the results is view by various stakeholders following their preferences, and possibly, multi-modal interface.